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Engineering & Industrial Assembly Lines

Engineering & Industrial Assembly Lines

Electrical Wiring

Low and Medium Tension Electrical Wiring:

Grupo Conector, S.A. – GRUCONSA is qualified to carry out low and medium tension electrical wiring for all types of clients, from large industrial clients to smaller businesses, regardless of the size of the project.

Low-tension wiring includes the fitting of lights – ordinary, decorative or emergency – as well as the fitting of power points and sockets. Medium and High Tension wiring includes sub-stations, installation of transformers, power distribution as well as all the appropriate cabling.

Mechanical Installations

Climate Control / Air Conditioning:

Grupo Conector, S.A. – GRUCONSA assembles and installs climate control and air conditioning systems in factories, buildings, offices, shops or any other type of premises, guaranteeing the perfect environment to carry out your business.

Industrial Refrigeration:

Grupo Conector, S.A. – GRUCONSA also assembles and installs industrial refrigeration systems for all types of clients including factories, laboratories, warehouses and all other businesses requiring refrigeration. As well as installing the refrigeration system, the company can also build cold storage rooms, thus providing a complete integrated solution.

Fire Alarm Systems:

The security of your premises against incendiary is fundamental. In the event of a fire, it is imperative that it is put out as soon as possible and not allowed to develop and spread, as the consequences could be disastrous. Grupo Conector, S.A. – GRUCONSA carries out this type of installation, adhering to the highest of standards. Such installations also include the fitting of all the required piping and cabling.7

Specialist Installations

Building Automation / Intelligent Buildings:

Grupo Conector, S.A. – GRUCONSA has considerable experience in what is referred to as the Building Automation or Intelligent Buildings whereby the intruder alarm systems, the fire alarm systems, the access control systems etc. are all integrated so that they interact with one another and are centrally controlled and monitored.

Detection of and Extinguishing Fires:

Once a fire alarm system has been installed, Grupo Conector, S.A. – GRUCONSA can activate the detection system, whether it is one of the conventional analogue systems or whether it is one of the more modern preventative systems. These more modern preventative systems can set the alarm off before the fire actually starts by reading a spectrograph of the air particles. Once the alarm has been triggered, the fire extinguishing system (manual or automatic) is set off and this may use water or gas to put out the fire.

Security Systems:

Grupo Conector, S.A. – GRUCONSA lcan guarantee the security of your workplace, building, factory, office or retail outlet using all types of security systems. These include access control systems, anti-intrusion systems, barriers, turnstiles, signs, CCTV, audio monitoring, antennas and internal T.V. cabling, telephone systems, public address systems and background music.