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Why they choose us?

Why they choose us?

Why are we chosen? Grupo Conector, S.A. – GRUCONSA yields integral solutions to construction, developing it’s chores from start to finish. It has technical means and specialized manpower to design projects and undertake a vast field of installations, subject to strict quality control, and certified for your ease.

Grupo Conector S.A. – GRUCONSA proposes solutions to your requirements, based in it’s scope of activity, with technical service assessment assuring full comprehensive maintenance of your building or equipment, including a 24 hrs service.

We are further chosen for: Quality Policy, Certificates, Customer Oriented and Added Value.

»Quality Policy

Grupo Conector, S.A. – GRUCONSA as a “people” company, looks to the future without forgetting that it is dependent on the present. It operates a “Quality Policy”, ensuring that everyone is conscious of the fact that all its products, services and systems are geared towards satisfying the client and everyone is conscious of the fact that the client is both internal and external. We should all work to satisfy the needs of the end user and thus strive to be treated in the same way.

The means and resources available to Grupo Conector, S.A. – GRUCONSA should all result in maximum satisfaction for the client, both internal and external, but to achieve this we need to objectively record and measure the clients’ expectations.

Each and every person working for Grupo Conector, S.A. – GRUCONSA is responsible for the management of the means and resources that enable the company to work towards this Quality Policy.

The basic pillars of this Quality Policy, which should form part of all of our activities, are listed below:

1) The Client.

We need to know our clients before we can satisfy their needs, which is our ultimate objective. In order to do this we need to record and measure the clients’ requirements and needs. This will provide an important base to work on but it does not stop there.

2) Prevent mistakes before controlling and correcting them.

Get everything right first time around. Our daily motto
Strive for a “quality” work ethic that will lead to continuous improvement
Quality is everyone’s responsibility
Quality is not controlled. It is produced

3) Training.

The training of staff is continuous and is aimed at helping them to do a better job. Teamwork and active cooperation are imperative in order to achieve quality.

4) Planning and Monitoring.

The results achieved in the management of quality are valuable measures to enable us to continuously improve and its planning and monitoring are constant. Modern society, which strives to achieve ever-higher standards, continuously demands more of our competitiveness and our levels of quality.

As such, given our policy of innovation and quality, all those working for Grupo Conector, S.A. – GRUCONSA must identify with this ethic.

»Certificates of Quality

Since 1999, we have been certified as ISO 9002:1994 compliant, as issued by AENOR , the Spanish Association for Standards and Certification – an ISO member. We are also certified with the IQ Net Certified Quality System.

During 2002 we started to adapt the company’s quality system to the new standard UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2000 and successfully passed the AENOR audit in February 2003. Furthermore, we have intensified our efforts to integrate our quality systems with out environmental systems with a view to strengthening and building on both these areas.

Scope of the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2000 certification issued by AENOR:

“The project assembly and maintenance of electrical, mechanical, voice and data installations.
The management of assembly of plumbing, security system, accesses, air conditioning and against-fire system.
The management of execution of demolitions, masonry, locksmithing, painting, carpentry, screens floors and ceiling.”

In addition, Grupo Conector, S.A. – GRUCONSA is certified and recognised to install:

  • IACS en IBM (Cableado estructurado de IBM)
  • AMP
  • BRAND-REX (B.I.C.C.)
  • 3 COM
  • Sistema de calidad estructurado de mega solución ALCOM R.W.DATALTD

Client Orientated

For Grupo Conector, S.A. – GRUCONSA , you come first. That is why we listen to your needs, your preferences, your tastes and your problems. We do our job based on your needs and we offer integrated solutions, from beginning to end. All from the one service provider. That way you save time and money.

»Value Added

Grupo Conector, S.A. – GRUCONSA will certify in writing that all the work carried out has been executed in accordance with strict quality control processes. This way our clients can be sure of the smooth running of their operations.

Trust us with your needs, we will tease out all the issues, and you will receive exact solutions.

Your problems are ours. Make your solutions ours.



Prevention policy, and environmental quality (PDF)